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Company Overview

Net Metrix was founded in 2005 out of a desire to provide individualized business solutions for mid-market clients. As an independent technology-consulting firm, our goal is to provide the most effective solution to meet your current and future business needs. We are not married to any one hardware or software vendor. Many times, our solutions do not even involve purchasing new equipment or software.

Although our expertise is in technology, our focus is first and foremost on your business. We see ourselves as a partner in making your business run more efficiently and successfully. We bring our expertise to the table, but then we go the extra mile-we share it with your in-house technology team. We take the time to train and transfer knowledge as we go so that you are not left high and dry when we walk out the door.


That’s who we are; here’s who we are not:

  • A large consulting firm providing cookie cutter templates, bundled hardware packages or canned software applications.
  • A company that sends inexperienced consultants to your site and uses your project as a training tool.
  • A company that is only interested in selling you the latest and greatest technology.
  • A company wedded to one or two large hardware and software providers.
  • A company that doesn’t listen or take the time to understand your business needs.